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At&t lily body leaked video, Whats happened to Milana Vayntrub

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At&t lily body leaked video, Whats happened to Milana Vayntrub

If you’re unfamiliar with actress Milana Vayntrub’s name, chances are you’ll recognize her face. Vayntrub has been a recurring star in numerous AT&T commercials since 2013, portraying Lily, a cheerful AT&T employee engaging in comedic interactions with customers. Lily served as the face of AT&T’s nationwide campaign for three years, took a break, and later returned in a series of pandemic-themed ads in 2020.

Vayntrub recently discussed her experience as Lily in a new New York Times profile, reflecting on the highs and lows of her journey with the character. At the age of 26, she auditioned for the role, adopting the persona of a friendly girl. When the pandemic struck, Vayntrub personally advocated for Lily’s return to AT&T.

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As per the Times: “This time, Lily will work from home. AT&T approved the proposal, and Vayntrub directed the scenes herself. She filmed the national commercial in her home, collaborating remotely with professionals to redesign Lily’s hair and makeup.”

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However, as AT&T’s face returned to the national spotlight, unintended consequences emerged, most notably online harassment and unwarranted attention from trolls.

“A few months after the return, Lily’s—and Vayntrub’s—reception suddenly shifted from well-meaning tolerance to inappropriate attention,” the Times reported.

“In the summer of 2020, a small but active corner of the internet turned its attention to Vayntrub, assigning her a new name: Lily Milkers, in reference to her. People flooded AT&T’s social media posts with offensive remarks and inappropriate emojis,” the profile says. “Vayntrub faced ridicule and invasive comments on her personal social media accounts. Both current and past posts were targeted, and her personal photos were widely shared. False claims of access to explicit videos circulated on spam websites.”

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Facing extreme online harassment, Vayntrub addressed the situation on Instagram in August 2020. She revealed that the harassment involved sexist comments and inappropriate requests for explicit photos.

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