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Breese Maroc leaked onlyf4ns on telegram, full videos and photos

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Breese Maroc leaked onlyf4ns on telegram, full videos and photos

Breese Maroc, the recent addition to the Hype House, startled her followers when her Twitter account announced her alleged passing on April 3, 2023. The tweet, which simply stated, “Breese did pass away, thank you for the kind words and help,” immediately garnered attention and sympathy from her numerous fans.

To compound the confusion, the official TikTok account of Pink House (via teatoktalk) corroborated Maroc’s supposed demise on TikTok, claiming that she had been struck by a scooter. They even went so far as to speculate that the scooter rider might have been Skilah, as she was known to use a scooter around the campus. However, doubts swiftly emerged among viewers, questioning the authenticity of the news and condemning the page for potentially spreading false information or making light of the situation.

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One concerned fan voiced their disapproval, stating, “What tf is wrong with them, joking about something like that is not ok.” Another comment criticized the joke, deeming it “disgusting” and inappropriate.

Amid the ensuing confusion and widespread reports of Maroc’s alleged demise, the rumors were laid to rest when she took matters into her own hands. She modified the caption of her most recent Instagram post to read, “I’m not dead,” which was later updated to “Time for a nap,” affirming that she was very much alive.

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This unexpected turn of events left fans baffled, prompting speculation as to whether the influencer had orchestrated her own death hoax or if someone else had orchestrated it as a perplexing twist. A bewildered fan remarked, “So wait, I’m confused. Did she fake her own death, or did someone else fake it? Either way, it’s not funny at all.” Another suggested that her Twitter account “was hacked,” leaving them in the dark until the tweet about her death surfaced.

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Adding to the intrigue, Maroc’s Twitter account, which initially propagated the rumors of her demise, has now either been deleted or deactivated. Maroc subsequently took to her Instagram Story to clarify the situation, revealing that she had deactivated her only two TikTok accounts and asserting that none of the TikTok accounts bearing her name are authentic.

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