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Btb savage robbery video leaked on twitter, Video of rapper killed in Houston

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Btb savage robbery video leaked on twitter, Video of rapper killed in Houston

On Thursday night, rapper BTB Savage was reportedly killed in River Oaks, Houston. Social media reports claim that he boasted about killing his enemies the day before his death. A video of the crime scene has since gone viral, showing what appears to be his body lying on the ground. Despite the sensitive nature of the situation, netizens have shared insensitive memes online in response.

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BTB Savage, originally from Cleveland, had always dreamed of becoming a rapper. After serving in the army due to financial struggles, he pursued music seriously and released several popular tapes, including Scam Party, Break The Bank, and MoneyBlood. Just hours before his death, he had shared a photo on social media featuring a watch and a kitchen counter covered in dried blood, though it is unclear whether this is related to the shooting.

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According to reports, a white Mercedes and a Subaru were involved in the shooting, and the rapper was reportedly targeted by two unidentified gunmen. Law enforcement has not yet released any official information on the incident.

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