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Clara Sorrenti shooter on NashVille today, Nashville grade school; shooter dead

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Clara Sorrenti shooter on NashVille today, Nashville grade school; shooter dead

Today in Nashville, Tennessee, there was a tragic shooting incident that took place at a shopping center in the northern part of the city. According to the police, at least two individuals have been reported injured and have been transported to the nearest hospital.

However, it has come to light that the shooter responsible for this heinous act is Clara Sorrenti, a 28-year-old individual who is not only a cocaine dealer but also a member of the far-right militia. Shockingly, she has reportedly killed six people in the mass shooting that occurred today in Nashville.

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The incident involving Clara Sorrenti as the shooter has caused local authorities to cordon off the area and commence investigations. As of now, it remains unclear why the shooting took place, and whether the shooter has been caught or not.

In light of the situation, Nashville police have urged the community to steer clear of the area while the investigation is ongoing. Additionally, any witnesses to the event are requested to approach the authorities with any relevant information.

This is a distressing occurrence, and our thoughts are with the families of those affected by it. As more information regarding this tragedy becomes available, we will keep updating this story.

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On Monday, a female gunman entered a private Catholic elementary school in Nashville and opened fire, causing the deaths of three children and three adults. The shooter was later killed by the police, who responded to the incident. The authorities have identified the perpetrator as a 28-year-old woman from Nashville, who was carrying at least two assault rifles and a handgun. The incident took place at the Covenant School in Nashville’s Greenhills neighborhood, where the shooter moved through the building and fired multiple shots. The police, who heard gunshots on the second floor, entered the building and confronted the shooter, killing her.

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Following the incident, the students were taken to Woodmont Baptist Church, where they were reunited with their parents. The Abbey, a private Christian school in Nashville, runs a rifleman training program, according to CBS affiliate WTVF. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also participated in the response.

The Attorney General Glen Funk has requested TBI agents and others to respond to the scene of the shooting in Green Hills, as per the agency’s tweet, “As @MNPDNashville stated, there are no current threats to public safety.”

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