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Hasbulla cat video viral on twitter leaked, Video shows Hasbulla abusing his cat

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Hasbulla cat video viral on twitter leaked, Video shows Hasbulla abusing his cat

A leaked video of Russian social media personality, Barsik, also known as Hasbulla Magomedov, has caused outrage among fans as it shows him abusing his cat. In the video, which briefly appeared on his official YouTube channel, Barsik can be seen sternly pulling his cat’s ear and slapping it on the head. The cat, a Scottish Fold, retreated to its bed after the initial interaction, while Barsik continued to hit it. Although Barsik’s face is not visible in the footage, it is believed to have been recorded at his home based on parallel video sequences showing him wearing the same shirt and watch.

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Barsik, a 3ft 4in MMA fighter, has previously shown his love for cars, guns, and cats. However, his alleged physical punishment of his cat has raised concerns about his treatment of animals. Studies by canine and feline psychologists have shown that physical punishment as a form of discipline is ineffective and abusive. Proper training by a cat trainer is recommended for Barsik to learn how to properly care for his pet.

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Barsik has previously spoken about his love for cats in an interview with Barstool’s Sundae Conversations. The disturbing video has altered the public’s perception of his affection towards animals.

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