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Wisconsin Sheriff Says Man Died After Getting Stuck in City Water Tank Suction Tube

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Wisconsin Sheriff Says Man Died After Getting Stuck in City Water Tank Suction Tube

A tragic incident occurred in Blair, Wisconsin, resulting in the unfortunate death of a man from Texas. According to the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office, the individual, identified as Carlos Medina, 30, from El Paso, Texas, lost his life in an accident involving a water tank in the Town of Preston.

The incident took place on March 23, when authorities received a distress call reporting that a man was trapped inside the City of Blair water tank and required assistance. Upon arrival, it was discovered that Carlos Medina was inside the tank, engaged in cleaning sediment from a suction tube used by the city.


Medina, equipped with scuba gear and a wet suit, had been working for approximately 45 minutes alongside two other workers when he expressed feeling cold to his colleagues. Despite this, he continued his task until he possibly succumbed to hypothermia, losing mobility and strength in his hands.

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Efforts to rescue Medina were hindered by his entanglement in the suction tube. Despite the collaborative efforts of first responders, law enforcement, and fellow workers, they were unable to save him. The incident prompted discussions about safety protocols and the necessity of emergency plans for confined space work environments.

The response to the incident involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Blair Police Department, Wisconsin State Patrol, Blair Fire Department, first responders, Whitehall Fire Department, Tri-County Ambulance, and Gundersen Air.

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As investigations into the circumstances surrounding the tragic event continue, the community of Blair, Wisconsin, mourns the loss. With a population of around 1,200, Blair is situated along the Trempealeau River in Trempealeau County.

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