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kamusari leaked on reddit, One Piece chapter 1079 (Hints) – Shanks vs. Kid

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kamusari leaked on reddit, One Piece chapter 1079 (Hints) – Shanks vs. Kid

After last week’s incredibly cryptic chapter hints, the One Piece chapter 1079 hints seem a lot more direct, immediate, and accessible. This week’s thread, however, is somewhat surprising with the involvement of leakers DruMzTV and ScotchInformer, as well as Redon.

This is likely due to the fact that Etenboby and Pewpiece recently took a temporary hiatus from leak duties, with One Piece Chapter 1079 being the first installment released during their hiatus. Still, the spoiler process apparently continues in traditional fashion, with Redon leading the way and Scotch and DruMz filling in the gaps.

While fans hoping to stay tuned to Egghead Island may be disappointed, those who’ve been looking for a change of perspective will be delighted by the latest clues. Keep an eye out for this article, which fully breaks down the latest available clues for One Piece Chapter 1079, and speculates on what they might mean for the problem.

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The first hint of One Piece Chapter 1079 came from series leaker Redon, who posted a GIF at 5:00pm EST on Sunday, March 19, 2023, featuring a man named Borja, according to Said to speak Spanish. The GIF sees Borja repeating the phrase “toma,” which is a conjugation of the word “tomar,” which means “to drink/drink.”

However, a Spanish-language reply to the post claimed that, in this case, it could be interpreted as a “let’s go” slogan. With that in mind, it’s clear that this is an illustration of Redon’s reaction rather than a commentary on the story. While fans can’t glean any plot information from this thread, it’s still an inspiring, reactionary satire.

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The next clue in Chapter 1079 of One Piece also comes from Lei Dong. It was published on Monday, March 20, 2023 at approximately 6:30AM EST. Clues include a GIF that appears to show the use of the Gol D. Rogers Advanced Conqueror’s Haki technique, Kamusari. The attack, known in English as “Divine Departure”, first appears in Kozuki Oden’s flashback.

However, its origin may not matter here, as Oden, Roger, and Whitebeard (the three characters most involved in flashbacks) all died at the same time in the series. Fans interpreted the reference as a reference to Shanks using the move, or just a comment on Shanks’ struggles in general. Since he’s part of Roger’s crew, he’s likely to use some of the same moves, or generally have a similar style.

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The next clue for One Piece Chapter 1079 was released again by Redon on Monday, March 20 at around 9AM ET. Sally Phillips as Gina in the 2022 film How to Pleasure a Woman, this is a GIF released by Redon. In the GIF, the character appears to say the word “total annihilation,” which fans typically interpret as a commentary on the events in question, rather than Redon’s reaction to the issue.

Assuming the above interpretation of Shanks’ Kamusari clue is correct, it’s likely that this clue refers to the Eustass Kid and his crew. Recently, fans saw that the two captains will face off in Elbaf.

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