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Shelley Greenham Obituary – Death: Cause Of Death

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Shelley Greenham Obituary – Death: Cause Of Death

A makeup expert has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge has transitioned from her youthful and trendy appearance to a more sophisticated and regal style during her first decade as a royal. Initially, when Kate Middleton met Prince William at university, she sported a casual makeup look with heavy black eyeliner on her lower lids and bronzer. However, for her engagement and wedding, she opted for a more polished look, showcasing her iconic bouncy hair while still remaining true to her personal style.

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Recently, Kate has adopted a more understated eye makeup look and matte skin for an elegant appearance. When she was younger, Kate had fair skin and bold eye makeup, and was considered a “classic girl-next-door” who followed makeup trends popular among teenagers at the time. Her makeup staples included minimal base makeup, English Rose, rosy cheeks, black eyeliner, and mascara, which complemented her sun-kissed and lightly tanned skin, giving her a youthful and free-spirited aura.

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In addition to her makeup, Kate’s hair also reflected her free-spirited and youthful personality when she first became known to the public. Her hair was full and bouncy with side parting, wavy layers, and side bangs, which were on-trend and commonly seen on young women across the UK. As she settled down at St. Andrews, Kate experimented more with her hairstyles, incorporating curls and braids.

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According to makeup founders Michelle Abels and Shelley Greenham, Kate’s makeup style became more dramatic when she graduated in 2005, but she still maintained her classic style. Since leaving university life as Prince William’s girlfriend, the royal family’s makeup style has evolved and developed over time.

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