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Starfield update today note patch leaked on reddit, Content Outside Its Expansion

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Starfield update today note patch leaked on reddit, Content Outside Its Expansion

During a recent Japanese-language interview, Xbox’s Phil Spencer discussed various topics, including Game Pass, Xbox’s partnership with Square Enix, and the highly anticipated game, Starfield. Spencer mentioned that they believe it’s crucial to continually update Starfield’s content to maintain long-term player engagement and encourage more subscriptions. He emphasized that Todd Howard and his team are actively working on this.

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This response suggests that the future of Starfield may include more content beyond its initial release. While Bethesda has already announced the expansion “Shattered Space” for Starfield, set to launch in early 2024, six months after the game’s initial release, Spencer’s comments hint at a broader plan to keep players engaged.

One challenge with releasing a game like Starfield on Game Pass is that players can subscribe, play the game, and then cancel their subscription when they feel they’re finished with it. Bethesda needs to provide reasons for players to continue playing and subscribing.

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Spencer alluded to titles like Fallout 76 and No Man’s Sky as examples of games that have evolved over time, growing their player communities through regular updates and additions, both big and small. Fallout 76, for instance, has received 16 updates since its release in 2018, while No Man’s Sky has continuously improved with various updates and expansions.

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The implication is that Bethesda might have a similar long-term plan for Starfield, beyond just bug fixes and DLC. They could be looking to build a dedicated player base and expand the game with a variety of content updates to keep players engaged for the long haul.

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