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Tiana Kimbrough ig leaked onlyf@ns, wife of rapper Fatboy SSE videos

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Tiana Kimbrough ig leaked onlyfans, wife of rapper Fatboy SSE videos

Fatboy SSE recently made headlines when a video surfaced of him engaging in a heated argument with his wife, Tiana Kimbrough, at a nail salon. However, the New Jersey rapper defended his actions by citing a similar situation involving Blueface, asserting that the latter’s behavior had not faced as much backlash.

In an Instagram Live session aired on Friday (November 3), the “Fly Away” rapper justified his actions, claiming that Blueface had done something similar, if not worse, and triggered the initial conflict between him and his wife. “That’s why she took my necklace because it belonged to another woman,” he explained. “I’m not home. Going to hell? I’m traveling, hustling, putting this stuff together. At the end of the day, Blue Face is my nigga. That’s my brother, that’s mine… He’s always with his girlfriends quarrel.”

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In the video that went viral, Fatboy SSE and Tiana are seen arguing over the house keys, with Fatboy SSE eventually pushing Tiana and throwing her phone to the ground. The situation became so intense that the manicurist threatened to call the police if things didn’t calm down.

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Tiana later addressed the incident on her Instagram Live, expressing her shock and dismay at Fatboy SSE’s actions. “I was so surprised by the crap he did. I didn’t think this bastard would do something like this,” she said. “He’s really crazy. He’s always talking nonsense, like a gangster. There’s nothing like a gangster in what you’re doing, weirdo.”

Despite the incident, Fatboy SSE has not faced any arrest or charges. Nevertheless, this is not his first encounter with the law. Back in 2019, he was arrested in his home state of New Jersey for marijuana possession, along with two outstanding bail warrants. He was also ticketed for failure to obey signals and driving with a suspended license. Following the arrest, Fatboy SSE documented the events on Instagram, maintaining his resilient spirit throughout the ordeal.

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