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Mitchell Burns video leaked, TikTok’s biggest botany fanboy photos

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Mitchell Burns video leaked, TikTok’s biggest botany fanboy photos

Mitchell Burns’ rapid rise to fame could arguably be attributed to a single video. In this video, he showcased the art of flower milking in the vast Australian outback to an online following of nearly one million users. Last year, the former coal miner made the life-changing decision to transition away from a decade of early morning shifts in exchange for a new pursuit.

Living on a farm near the Gold Coast, the 29-year-old Burns is almost always on the move, capturing the stunning landscapes of the Australian outback with his camera. His ultimate aspiration is to become the most renowned photographer of his generation. His subject matter encompasses filming koalas, capturing images of unique flora, scaling rocks, and extracting nectar from exotic plants – a passion he adores. Burns’ joyful and vibrant snapshots have garnered enthusiastic admiration from the online community.

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Last year, he ventured onto Instagram and TikTok, and his followers have since flocked to his accounts, showering his content with likes and shares. The consensus appears to be that he is a more youthful and attractive version of David Attenborough. Donning a Steve Irwin vest and sporting short shorts, he ventures into the rainforest with fearless abandon. In one of Burns’ videos, he demonstrates how to extract natural shampoo from a ginger plant. One user cheekily commented, “I think I’m wetter than that plant now,” while another pondered, “Is this an educational video or softcore entertainment?”

In a new series that explores self-care beyond the usual skincare regimen post-workout, we engage in a conversation with Burns about his personal approach to feeling and looking good. Contrary to popular belief, Burns doesn’t spend an excessive amount of time in the gym. Instead, he enjoys numerous tuna-based lunches. He also confesses to spending many evenings in solitude atop the Great Western Plateau.

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“My usual bedtime is around 10 o’clock in the evening, which allows me to rise at 6:30 am each morning. This early rising habit originated from my past experiences in the mining industry, where I would wake up even earlier. I don’t engage in any physical activities immediately upon waking; instead, I prefer to dive straight into my daily routine.”

As part of your morning routine, do you apply any skincare products to your face? Considering your extensive outdoor activities, what precautions do you take to protect your skin?

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“I personally don’t use any specialized skincare products. Like many others, I simply use a bar of soap. Admittedly, I’m not very meticulous when it comes to skincare. The most I’ll do is apply some moisturizer at night. I am aware that I should take better care of my skin, especially given the amount of time I spend outdoors, but I typically don’t wear sunscreen. It’s something I really should do, particularly since I have Sicilian ancestry and am fortunate enough to tan instead of burn. All things considered, I need to be more proactive about applying sunscreen.”

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